St. Joseph's Catholic Primary Academy

Healds Road, Dewsbury, WF13 4HY01924 462053

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Staff from September 2022

Teaching Staff:

Mr J Cooper 
Interim Headteacher & Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)
Miss Carr Miss Philbin Miss Spencer
Reception Teacher Year 1 Teacher
& Early Reading Lead
Year 2 Teacher
Mrs Walsh Miss Lee Miss Kemp
Year 3 Teacher, 
Assistant Headteacher & DSL,

RE Lead, KS1 Lead
Year 4 Teacher Year 5 Teacher &
Maths Lead
Mrs Hemingway Mrs Roberts Mrs Proctor
Year 6 Teacher,
KS2 Lead and Science Lead
Assistant Headteacher,
English Lead
EYFS lead

Pastoral Support & Inclusion:
Mrs Bowler  
Learning Mentor & DSL  

Classroom Support:
Miss Barnes Miss Ahmed Mrs Sykes
Teaching Assistant
Year 1
Teaching Assistant
Year 2
Teaching Assistant / HLTA
Mrs Gospel Mrs Gardee Mrs Graham
Year 3
Teaching Assistant /
Cover Supervisor
Year 4
Teaching Assistant

Year 4
Teaching Assistant / HLTA

(Monday to Wednesday)
Miss Fadia Mrs Green Mrs Bracewell
Year 5
Teaching Assistant
Year 6
Teaching Assistant / HLTA
Educational Support Assistant
Miss Marsden Mrs Pinder Miss Smith
Year 1
Educational Support Assistant
Year 2
Educational Support Assistant
Year 4
Educational Support Assistant
Miss Tyler Miss Wales  
Educational Support Assistant Educational Support Apprentice  

Administration and Office Staff:
Miss Parr Mrs Marsden Mrs Brown
School Business Manager Senior
School Business Support Officer & DSL 

(Monday to Thursday)
School Business Support Officer

(Wednesday to Friday)

Other Members of Staff:
Mr Sykes Miss Ellis  
Caretaker Kitchen Supervisor  
Mrs Peel Mrs Bradley Miss Brook
Kitchen Assistant Senior Lunchtime Supervisor Senior Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Karolczyk Miss Smith  
Lunchtime Supervisor Lunchtime Supervisor