St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School

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Prefects have to sign a nine-point contract in front of witnesses and this is then kept in the Headteacher’s office. A prefect will receive a badge in recognition of their service which they should wear at all times.

The duties and responsibilities of school prefects are as follows:
  • To maintain a high standard of behaviour and conduct and to wear my prefect's badge with pride;
  • To abide by the school’s core values in their entirety and without question;
  • To help members of the teaching staff to perform their daily duties according to a planned roster;
  • To take an active part in school affairs and lead others by example;
  • To take an active part in school functions, helping and organising whenever I am asked;
  • To represent the school at any public function whenever I am asked;
  • To help new pupils, especially new pupils during their introduction to the school;
  • To assist visitors to school at all times by being polite, friendly, and courteous;
  • To maintain a high standard of cleanliness and tidiness throughout the school.